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Read the question below on PICOT PAPER PROJECT and write your final proposal.  Below is a perfect PICOT PAPER SAMPLE.

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In this assignment, students will pull together the change proposal project components they have been working on throughout the course to create a proposal inclusive of sections for each content focus area in the course. At the conclusion of this project, the student will be able to apply evidence-based research steps and processes required as the foundation to address a clinically oriented problem or issue in future practice.


Students will develop a 1,500 word paper that includes the following information as it applies to the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need profiled in the capstone change proposal:

  1. Background
  2. Problem statement
  3. Purpose of the change proposal
  4. PICOT
  5. Literature search strategy employed
  6. Evaluation of the literature
  7. Applicable change or nursing theory utilized
  8. Proposed implementation plan with outcome measures
  9. Identification of potential barriers to plan implementation, and a discussion of how these could be      overcome
  10. Appendix section, if tables, graphs, surveys, educational materials, etc. are created

Review the feedback on the Topic 3 assignment, PICOT Statement Paper, and Topic 6 assignment, Literature Review. Use the feedback to make appropriate revisions to the portfolio components before submitting.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.


Using the PICO(T) Framework for IV Fluid in Burn Patients

Burn-related incidents account for a significant portion of global casualties, resulting in death, injury, pain, physical, psychological, and economic issues, as well as patient disability. According to Tanttula, Haikonen, and Vuola (1), 11 million people every year suffer from serious burns that need medical treatment. Greenhalgh (1) mentions that in 2016, 486,000 people in the United States sought treatment for burns. On a global scale, nearly 265,000 people die from burns each year, with most of these deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries (HE, 1).

Burn injuries are most often caused by heat transfer from hot liquids (scalding), cooking fires, chemicals, electricity, and ionizing radiation exposure (He 1). Most burn injuries are minor and can either be treated by any caregiver or do not require treatment. According to Greenhalgh (1), Most burns are minor, accounting for less than 10% of total body surface area in 67 percent of cases.

Tanttula, Haikonen, and Vuola (1) claim that only 4–22% of burn patients admitted to an emergency room were admitted to a hospital for care in Europe. Healthcare providers seek to improve the quality of life for burn patients. This paper utilizes the PICOT statement to seek appropriate interventions for treating burns.



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