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Data Collection methods  in Nursing

What methods to use for your nursing research

Collecting data in nursing is a critical aspect that every nursing researcher must appreciate. We have two types of data collection in research which are

  1. Qualitative Method
  2. Quantitative Method

1.  Did you use qualitative or quantitative methods to examine your results? How did the method help to support your specific change project outcomes?

Qualitative methods include in data collection

a. Interviews

b. Focus discussions

C. Questionnaires

d. Bibliographic Review

e. Ethnographic research

F. Case study research

G. Record keeping

H. Process of observation

Quantitative Methods of 

1. Descriptive

2. Correlational

3. Causal-Comparative/Quasi-Experimental

4. Experimental Research.

2.  Which type of measurement tool are you using to collect data to demonstrate that your change project is worthwhile? Explain why you chose to use the specific measurement tool.

ANSWER GUIDE: Tools used to gather data include case studies, checklists, interviews, occasionally observation, surveys, and questionnaires

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