Nursing Paper: The Best Steps to Follow When Writing a Nursing Paper

Writing a Nursing Paper

A nursing paper is an academic paper that is used for application to nursing school or to demonstrate knowledge about a particular field. Knowledge of writing is essential in a nurse’s career. It is a major form of communication; writing patient records, case management or documenting nursing policies for future healthcare workers.

Understand the Nursing Paper Assignment Instructions

The first step is to understand the assignment. The instructions given will dictate what format to use the topic and how to analyze the topic. Different papers are written differently. A research paper will require the method used, the results and discussion of the results while an article review will require a critical analysis of the literature. This information is important before the writing process begins.

Create an Outline for the Nursing Paper

Once the topic has been properly understood, an outline should be created. It ensures that there is a proper flow of content throughout the paper. This helps picture the essay and keep track of important information before tackling the essay.

Research for the Nursing Paper

Proper research should be conducted before writing and the contents of the paper should be credible and presented in a proper format. More reliable sources of information come from medical journals and scientific papers. To avoid plagiarism, in-text citations and proper documentation of sources used should be present.  Documentation also gives the paper credibility and supporting evidence for the presented ideas.

Write the Nursing Paper

Edit your paper

Finally, write the paper. Present the ideas you have on the topic and information derived from research. Each idea should be in a paragraph of its own to ensure it is properly expounded on. The number of paragraphs will be determined by the word count. The paper should have an introduction, to present the topic and give a thesis and a conclusion, to summarize the ideas introduced in the paper. The paper should then be edited and proofread.


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